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Shipping rates

We offer you the best forwarding services at the lowest shipping charges!

Shipping rates in USD:

India (USD) Base Charge Weight Charge Per kg
(based on chargeable weight)
Fuel Surcharge
Per kg

Minimum chargeable weight is 0.5kg and an incremental weight break of 0.1kg thereafter.
*For Europe, the chargeable weight will be the actual weight of the packages (effective from 19th September 2016)

Other costs to take note of:

Optional vCare Package

For a perfect peace of mind, select vCare and you will be compensated for your product and shipping costs in the event that your shipment is lost or damaged during shipping.

Holding Fees (applicable for packages held beyond 21 days)

Enjoy free storage for 21 days in our warehouses. A holding fee of USD 1.25 per day per package will be incurred if the period is beyond 21 days.

Determine the chargeable weight (applicable for vPost USA and Japan only).

Volumetric weight (kg) = [ length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm) ] / 5,000cm

As per freight industry practice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher.

Example of new actual weight billing for our vPost Europe packages:
Package Details
Package 1
Package 2
Value of Product
GBP 100
GBP 300
Actual Weight
1.4 kg
5.0 kg
Shipping Cost
USD 50.68
USD 101.80
Shipping Costs:

Package 1: 30.80 + (1.4 x 12.50) + (1.4 x 1.70) = USD 50.68
Package 2: 30.80 + (5 x 12.50) + (5 x 1.70) = USD 101.80

Total Shipping charges payable: USD 152.48

Here are examples on how the shipping charges are calculated for vPost USA packages:

Example 1
Bob purchased 2 items from different sellers on Amazon. Each package arrived on different days. Package 1 arrived on 4th March with a chargeable weight of 0.2kg. Package 2 arrived on 21st March with a chargeable weight of 1.2kg. Bob paid for the 2 packages on 21st March when they arrived at our warehouse. He did not purchase vCare nor did he use any shipping discounts.
Package Details
Package 1
Package 2
Value of Product
USD 109
USD 350
Chargeable Weight
0.5 kg (minimum chargeable weight is 0.5 kg)
1.2 kg
Holding Period
0 days (FREE)
17 days (FREE)
Bob’s shipping cost for the 2 packages will be:

Package 1: $22.90 + (0.5 x 10.50) + (0.5 x 1.60) = $28.95
Package 2: $22.90 + (1.2 x 10.50) + (1.2 x 1.60) = $37.42

Total Shipping charges payable: $28.95 + $37.42 = $66.37

Enjoy shipping fees of less than $100.

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