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Fresh Kicks You Can’t Get in Singapore

Check out these sneakers and boots that aren’t commonly found in Singapore due to limited availability or sizes!

Also, with the new economy service in the US and Europe, you can now shop at ease by paying only the actual weight of your package. Go ahead and get those winter or trekking boots for your December holidays.


Whether it’s the retro 3Stripes look, futuristic NMD or collaboration designs, Adidas has always stayed ahead of the curve in terms of style and functionality with its grip and cushioning technology for its soles.


Asics’ dedication to sportswear research has led them to create products that allow athletes to perform optimally. From shock absorption systems, anti-pronation features to out-sole with rubber grips, Asics has always been at the forefront of innovative sportswear.

Fashion Boots

Even if you’ve lazed around all day, there is no footwear like a good pair of boots to make you feel like you’ve done a hard day’s work. Especially if you’re going for a rugged, masculine look, one pair of these bad boys will certainly do the trick.


Nike has always provided their sneaker-heads with a variety unlike any other brands. From Skateboard sneaks, Flyknit Racers or the woven Mayfly collection, Nike sneaker-heads has always been spoilt for choice.


Stand out from the crowd with Puma’s collection that not only looks sleek when strutting down Orchard Road or looking for a pair of kicks that can provide you with comfort and improve athletic performance at the same time.


Flanked by celebrities from Kendrick Lamar to Jay Z, Queen B to Nicole Scherzinger, Reebok has made their old school classics cool again by giving it a new spin.

Under Armour

Under Armour produces a wide range of shoes, from running to football, hiking to basketball and many more. They also have many different sub-brands with specialized technologies to help athletes and regular Joes alike be more efficient at their sport or hobby.

Winter/Trekking Boots

Planning a ski trip to Niseko or the Alps during the December holidays? Get a pair of these winter/trekking boots that will not only keep your feet warm and dry with its waterproof material but also provide excellent traction on snow and ice.

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